Welcome to the Stated Income NJ New Jersey information site. We will give you a brief overview of Stated Income NJ New Jersey mortgage loans and will provide you with a recommended lender who can service your needs.

Why would you need a stated income NJ New Jersey mortgage loan? Who is it for? These loans are primarily for self employed borrowers who either cannot document their income or after deductions, show a low net income on their tax returns.

How is applying for a loan different? It is actually the same, you just do not provide income documentation. Self employed borrowers who are looking for a stated income NJ New Jersey mortgage loan will need to provide asset documentation and must have been in business for a minimum of two years.

How much can you borrow? Typically the maximum loan to value ratio for a stated income NJ New Jersey mortgage loan is around 70% (or a 30% down payment if you are buying the home).

What kind of rates can you expect? Most lenders will provide rates that are a lot higher in exchange for the increased risk they are taking by not verifying your income. However, if you look hard enough, you CAN find a lender that will have a low interest rate for a stated income NJ New Jersey mortgage loan.

You are in luck !!! We did the research for you! We looked for a lender that had the best rate options for stated income NJ mortgage loans. In addition to low rates, personal service and low costs are also important. When weighing all of these factors, we highly recommend that you contact DREAM HOME FINANCING


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